Why Visibility Leads to Increased Exposure and Risk For Your Trademark

November 18, 2020

Written By: Cara O’Hanlon

Edited By: Zara Watson, Esq.

Anytime you advertise or promote your business, you may be putting yourself at risk of trademark liability. Companies will be quick to defend their intellectual property when they see any slogan or phrase that violates their trademark rights in your business’ advertising campaign. A “cease and desist” letter may force you to shut down a campaign after you spend time and money developing it. By clearing your intended trademarks, you can avoid the risk of liability while increasing the reach of your products and services. You should conduct an extensive trademark search to see if another business is already using that trademark for similar goods and services. Trademark Attorney Zara Watson offers a trademark clearance search that looks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office database and the marketplace for already registered trademarks that may raise legal risks and costs. You should also monitor the marketplace to make sure that competing companies are not using your trademarks improperly. If anyone is using a brand name or slogan that is confusingly similar to yours, your trademark could be at risk as customers confuse the other company with your services or product. 

With our help, you can protect your business through the trademark search and registration process. We will conduct a full federal, state, and common law trademark search and provide expert legal analysis. Contact us here to get started today!

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